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Our Story

It began with a transportation and logistics company and a desire to challenge an entire industry

Partly to meet new expectations from both customers and consumers, but also to develop ourselves and expand our offerings. We looked towards other industries and were inspired by how new technology was being used to create both new services and improved customer experiences.
With our extensive experience and broad knowledge in logistics, together with a dedicated team of IT experts, we set out to find new paths and create what we believe is the future of logistics. This work has led us to WDDP – a completely independent product based on Widriksson’s experience and expertise but managed completely separately from the transport company.

Some of our brilliant customers

Meet the team

Marcel Nemer


With over 10 years of experience in product development and sales, our CEO has a rich background in retail, product management, and launching startups in new markets and countries. Under his leadership, Shyping is on its way to becoming a globally recognized company, making a significant impact in the industry.

Markus Thelin

Product Owner

Our Product Owner boasts extensive experience in the logistics sector, having held various roles that immerse him in the heart of logistics operations. He combines his logistics expertise with exceptional problem-solving skills and technical prowess to drive our product development to levels that competitors can only dream of.

Johan Svensson

Lead Software Engineer

With more than 12 years of software engineering experience, our Tech Lead recently joined us from a leading consultancy. An expert in .NET, he excels at guiding our software engineers to success in engineering and problem-solving. He has implemented a world-class infrastructure in our software, ensuring we remain at the forefront of development and technology.

Rikard Skoglund

Software Engineer

Our Software Engineer specializing in mobile development brings around 6 years of software engineering experience. Known for developing a user-friendly application with a strong customer orientation, a rare skill in the industry, he leverages his mobile development expertise to keep us ahead in the technical landscape.

Johan Kihlberg

Project Manager

Our Project Manager, affectionately known as our “logistics guru,” brings over 8 years of expertise in logistics. His strengths lie in analyzing, architecting, and implementing complex logistics projects. He is renowned for solving seemingly impossible challenges.

Fueling Success in Logistics;
Where Efficiency Meets Innovation


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