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Customer Cases (Chainge) - Shyping

Our customer, a startup poised for rapid growth in the last-mile delivery industry, shares their experience with choosing and implementing SHYPING (World-Class Delivery Platform) as their primary solution. In this customer case, we'll delve into their journey, highlighting key aspects of their decision-making process, the impact on their operations, and their overall satisfaction with SHYPING.

Why Choose SHYPING:

Our customer opted for SHYPING as they embarked on a partnership with a new client already familiar with the platform. The decision was solidified by discovering the extensive features, seamless functioning of the SHYPING backoffice, and the unwavering support provided by the SHYPING team. As a startup with an eye on expansion, they were drawn to SHYPING’s flexibility and adaptability, aligning perfectly with their growth aspirations.
“We chose to use SHYPING as part of entering a partnership with a new customer, who was already accustomed to SHYPING and its functioning. Once we were introduced to the vast features, functions of the SHYPING backoffice and the support provided by the SHYPING team, we were convinced that this was the best option for us.”

Achievements and Improvements:

After just one month of using SHYPING, the customer has witnessed remarkable progress. New route planning features, vehicle configuration options, and driver app enhancements have been rolled out, simplifying their operations. Continuous improvements in user interface, route planning, and the driver app underline SHYPING’s commitment to evolving alongside its customers.
“In the short time that we have used SHYPING, the team has developed new and necessary route planning features such as vehicle configuration and vehicle tags to more easily route plan fixed routes. In addition, driver app features including accessing Google Maps in iPhones and delivery statuses have been added.”

Streamlining Processes and Efficiency:

While the transition to SHYPING from their previous last-mile platform is ongoing, those integrated into SHYPING have already experienced notable improvements. Route planning, packing lists, last-mile processes, and subsequent data analysis have all become more straightforward, promising further efficiencies as they complete their migration.
“For the customers that are integrated into SHYPING, the route planning, packing lists, the last mile process (when drivers are out on routes) and the data analysis that follows has been made much easier.”

Key Beneficial Features:

The customer highlights several standout features of SHYPING that have greatly benefited their team. The ability to monitor routes and deliveries in real-time stands out as a significant improvement. Additionally, the SHYPING team’s innovative approach to route planning for static routes has proven invaluable. Exporting data from the backoffice is hassle-free, and personalized dashboards tailored to their needs further streamline their data analysis.
“The overview of routes and stops while our drivers are making deliveries is a significant improvement from the previous last mile platform. From the backoffice, we can change the status of a delivery and send notifications to customers.”

Customer Support and Service:

Rated a perfect 10 out of 10, the customer lauds the exceptional support provided by the SHYPING team. With direct contact and a shared Slack channel for technical queries, they’ve received unwavering support from day one.
“10 out of 10. The SHYPING team has been extremely supportive since the beginning. We have direct contact and a shared Slack channel for technical questions.”


Unreservedly, the customer recommends SHYPING to others in the industry. Their endorsement hinges on the dedicated support, flexibility, intuitive functionality, and adaptability of the backoffice. Moreover, they express excitement about SHYPING’s potential for future advancements.
“Absolutely. The key reasons being the support and the catering of the SHYPING team, the flexibility of the team and the intuitiveness and functionality as well as the adaptability of the backoffice. And lastly, the fact that we know that this is only the beginning of what SHYPING can achieve.”
In conclusion, this customer case underscores how SHYPING has become an integral part of our customer’s growth strategy, providing them with the tools and support needed to succeed in the competitive last-mile delivery industry.

Starting with Shyping is a breeze. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive manuals, and standard configurations, we assist you in simplifying and digitizing your delivery processes.

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